one of the many matts

one of the many matts

one of the many matts is a conceptual artist, NFT OG, and applied crypto technologist. He's maintained OpenZeppelin and helped draft and audit ERC721 and ERC1155. His sleep talking is visualized by an AI every morning in a project called Aleatoric and he has a chip in his hand that dispenses NFTs.
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‘the many matts’ — the hand nft

I have an NFT implanted in my hand, which you can only get if you find me IRL.

‘the many matts’ project interrogates the classical monetary distribution of scarce resources (i.e. auctions and markets) — the only way to acquire this scarce good is to synchronize time and place, two independently scarce resources.

It poses these questions through a surrealist extreme, forcing you to ask questions about digital objects and the nature of form.

The Many Matts, by Jonathan Mann

Digitally Rare

Digitally Rare is the first—and longest-running—podcast about NFTs on Ethereum and beyond, which I co-host with Jonathan Mann.

We interview people doing interesting things, discuss our own opinions on the latest digital-object-adjacent news, and crack some jokes.


Aleatoric is an experiment in artistic intentionality, digital scarcity, and serendipity where I literally make art in my sleep: my sleep talk babble is auto-transcribed, auto-visualized, and minted into an NFT the morning-of.

As the artist, I don't know when pieces will be minted, what they're titled, or even what they'll look or sound like.

Aleatoric is a continuous collaboration with Evan Casey (twitter).

Aleatoric 0 // hammer drain